Boundary Blade

Pink Limited Edition Boundary Blade® Electric Fence Tester

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Pink Limited Edition

Award Winning Patented 5 Level Fence Tester & Pocket Knife Agricultural Tool


- Limited edition and stock

- Easy to check current

Six Bright LED Indicators

- A useful Bolt Turner
- An essential pocket knife

"Walk away with your mind at ease"

** Irish Innovation Awards Product Finalist **

** An Enterprise Ireland Backed Company*

An Essential Pocket Knife
The Boundary Blade® can cut through anything you need on the farm!

Quickly check voltage
Check your fence safely, quickly and easily from low, to 8kv ranges.

A useful Bolt turner
The Boundary Blade® comes with a handy to have bolt turner built in.

Six Bright LED Indicators
Simply hold the knife against the electric fence and press to activate the ranges.

"A must have farming tool for your pocket"

The Perfect Gift!

Scope of delivery:
1x Pink Boundary Blade® unit.

Comes with 2 universal and replaceable CR2032 3v batteries inside.